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Apply here and sell your new BMW & MINI original parts

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Guide for selling parts to Schmiedmann

Step 1) Create account

Step 2) Create or upload list of parts you want to sell

Step 3) Get offer for the parts from Schmiedmann

Step 1:

To create an account you need to Schmiedmann with your Email address, choose a password, and thereafter confirm your password.
A confirmation email is sent to your email address and you will be redirected to the login page.

Log in with your email address and your password.

Step 2:

You can create a list of parts that you want to sell in one of two ways:
1) Upload and Excel file containing 2 collumns:
A: Genuine BMW part number
B: Quantity you want to sell
2) Use the table on the page and provide the genuine BMW part number and the quantity you want to sell.
Feel free to create as many lines as you need by using the “+” button on the top right corner of the table and at the end of each line.
The genuine BMW part number must be alphanumeric and have a maximum of 11 digits.
The quantity must be provided in a whole number (i.e. 3) and cannot be a flow (i.e. 1,3)

Or you download the template for your parts.
You will get an excel-file where you can put in your parts, genuine BMW part-numbers and quantity. Save it on your computer so you can find it. You will need it in the next step.
After you fill out the template, you click “Upload offer file” and choose the file that you just created.

Step 3:

Instantly the column to the far right of the table, named “Total (DKK)” will provide you with the price that Schmiedmann offers for the parts.
The column “Unit price (DKK)” will tell you the price Schmiedmann offers per item.

In the bottom you will see two prices: “Freight” and “Total”.
The freight price is the price you will pay for freight when sending the items to Schmiedmann, if you use the freight label that Schmiedmann provides if you accept the offer.

The “Total” is the price in set currency that Schmiedmann offers you for the parts that you put in the table or uploaded.

You now choose wether you will click
“Reject offer” and thereby decline Schmiedmanns offer
“Submit offer” and thereby accept the offer made by Schmiedmann.
Any offer given via this page is valid for up to 14 days from the date that it is submitted.
Next the sales team of Schmiedmann will contact you to arrange payment and freight.

What is this?
Benefit from selling parts to Schmiedmann
At Schmiedmann we want to help BMW and MINI owners and workshops around the world in the best possible way.
We now give you the opportunity to sell back your genuine BMW parts back to us. Wether they originally are bought at Schmiedmann does not matter.
The reasons for selling genuine BMW parts back to Schmiedmann can vary, and are many:
Did you sell your project car before you used the parts?
Do you have difficulties returning it to where you bought it?
Do you have overstock in your workshop?
Or something completely different?

Schmiedmann offers the solution.

You now have the opportunity to sell your genuine, unused BMW parts, in original, undamaged packaging to Schmiedmann.
In that way, you make money, and the parts can be of good use for somebody else.

We have a few requirements for the parts sold by you to us:
1) It must be genuine BMW parts
2) The parts must be unused
3) The packaging must be original, unbroken and sellable condition
4) We do not offer to buy VIN specific parts (i.e. Keys, electronic keys etc.)

If any of these requirements are not met the seller is obligated to arrange return freight from Schmiedmann to the sellers address within 5 days. Otherwise, Schmiedmann will dispose of the parts.

More than 28 years of experience with BMW
Founded in 1996 Schmiedmann has more than 28 years of experience within servicing, repairing, tuning, styling and selling BMW parts – this know-how and experience can become your advantage as a B2B customer when servicing, repairing, tuning and styling BMW or MINI cars.
The variety of available parts means you can quickly be provided with exactly the parts you need for your BMW & customers.
And if you need help our experienced sales-team will be happy to assist you.
We look very much forward to cooperate with you
If you have any further questions, you are always welcome to contact us by mail or telephone.

New BMW & MINI parts
Schmiedmann Odense A/S
Phone: +45 65 94 15 45

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